Agree about the "The system is not compliant!" text. A lot of our security people will freak out over it. Maybe either different types of non-compliance messages are based off of a %, or better non-compliance messages that are not so alarming.


On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 12:29 PM, Andrew Gilmore <> wrote:
I like the new look and functionality.

Two first blush comments:
1) On the report document, I can imagine my security officials freaking out over the in-your-face "The system is not compliant!" text. What is the recommended course to ensure this text does not appear if you're running the scan on a webserver, for example? Is it as simple as creating a custom profile derived from the STIG profile? Does anyone directly use the STIG profile, have a completely compliant system, and have a server that actually does anything useful? 
Up to now, I've left tests in that I have waivers for, and then pointed at the waivers to justify the test failures. Perhaps I will need to change that practice.

2) On the guide document, the text beginning "Providing system administrators" occurs twice.

On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 11:49 AM, Martin Preisler <> wrote:

as you may know I have been working on a complete rewrite of HTML report and guide for the upcoming openscap 1.1.0 release. It's a feature that will touch almost every user of openscap. I would like to gather feedback from the scap-security-guide community so that we can make sure there aren't any blocker issues in the release. It is natural that there will be small issues that we will iron out in minor releases. Basically we would just like to make sure the new report and guide aren't missing anything crucial that would prevent adoption.

See for sample HTML report and guide from SSG for RHEL6.

Looking forward to feedback.

Martin Preisler
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