It's been a few months since the last RPM release, v0.1-12, on 26-JUNE. Since that time we've had 175 patches reflecting feature requests, bug fixes, and the addition of Fedora content to the project (thanks, Jan!).

A few highlights:
- New version scheme to ensure compliance with EPEL release syntax (namely, the addition of .rc#).

- Reducing false positives has been a specific focus over the past few months. To that end, many community members have began unit testing the OVAL checks and inserted a "test_attestation" tag. This tag indicates both fail and pass configurations have been unit tested, and to date, 216 of the 341 OVAL checks have gone through this process. The majority of the tested OVAL checks fall within the STIG profile.

- As OVAL checks have been unit tested, many corresponding bash scripts have been authored. Currently there are 133 checks with associated bash remediation. To generate bash scripts, first run a scan:
# oscap xccdf eval --profile stig-rhel6-server \
--results /root/ssg-results/results.xml \
--report /root/ssg-results/report.html \
--cpe /usr/share/xml/scap/ssg/content/ssg-rhel6-cpe-dictionary.xml \

Then use OpenSCAP to transform out bash scripts for any failed checks:
# oscap xccdf generate fix \
--result-id \
/root/ssg-results/results.xml > /root/ssg-results/

- Addressing user-reported bugfixes, both to core SSG content and bugs reported to DISA FSO against the RHEL6 STIG, has also been a focus. Examples include updates to the logrotate and PAM checks.

- The inclusion of a beta Certified Cloud Provider profile (rht-ccp). The Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider program ensures that public cloud providers meet "testing and certification requirements to demonstrate that they can deliver a safe, scalable, supported and consistent environment for enterprise cloud deployments. The Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider program provides customers, ISVs, and partners with the confidence that Red Hat product experts have validated the solution so that implementations begin with a solid foundation." In order to establish an automated security testing process, Red Hat is exploring the use of SCAP profiles to evaluate RHEL baselines/AMIs before public cloud providers release them to their customer sets. This in no way reflects a statement of direction for Red Hat, but rather transparency as we evaluate best practices to evaluate RHEL platforms.

As always, updated RPMs are now available in the EPEL repository [1]. Download instructions are available on the wiki:

For those needing ZIP compressed files:

Please direct comments, issues, and general communications to the SSG mailing list:

[1] Side note: In my testing, I had to 'yum clean all' before the updated RPM was available via 'yum update'

A full listing of patches is provided below:
$ git log --oneline --after={2013-06-26} --no-merges
727d320 accounts_password_pam_cracklib_ocredit -- filename->filepath Updated OVAL to utilize filepath tag
578c9fe accounts_password_pam_cracklib_lcredit -- filename->filepath update Updated OVAL to filepath tag
0ef2176 accounts_password_pam_cracklib_ucredit - filename -> filepath update Updating filename -> filepath
fc1234c [ticket 427] bugfix - Update sshd_idle_timeout * STIG required value of 900 (15min), values only went to 10min (updated sshd_idle_timeout_value within STIG profile, ad
084b0e7 Comment didn't match check
f3b3bc4 [Fedora] Use correct file paths in scap-security-guide(8) manual page (RH BZ#1018905, c#10)
f907c1c [Fedora] Apply further changes motivated by scap-security-guide Fedora RPM review request (RH BZ#1018905, c#8)
16e8b1f Deleting wrongly named check
a89548d The name of the check did not reflect its content.
efd4e06 [Fedora] Fixes for scap-security-guide Fedora RPM review request (RH BZ#1018905)
0f8425e [Fedora] Introduce SSG manual page. Fix previous changelog date typo. Create 0.1-2 version
d478d86 [Fedora] Remove percent sign from Fedora spec's changelog to silence rpmlint warning
86cf0fe [Fedora] Convert RHEL6 'Restrict Root Logins' section's rules to Fedora
e6a863a Fix couple of typos in the text of 'Restrict Root Logins' document
aa38411 Made some corrections to the XSLT transforms to remedy missing fields, replaced PNG files with different images, added background colors and borders to code and header
3633243 New XCCDF Profile: Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider (rht-ccp) - Testing profile for Red Hat's CCP program (standards for Red Hat's certified cloud providers)
cc82cd1 corrected the activate logrotate rule
81f2ad8 additional OVAL testing
d7fbe82 [Fedora] Convert four RHEL6 rules from 'Set Password Expiration Parameters' section to Fedora
a7da684 Introduce 'Accounts and Access Control Section'. Convert four RHEL-6 rules from its 'Verify Proper Storage' subsection to Fedora
3da6a96 Introduce new RPM versioning scheme for RHEL6 / JBossEAP content
f6d5566 images for guide presentation
a2b1a21 editing on ntp section prose
559f4b3 editing on prose for mounting,partitioning,permissions
13a5ca6 editing on prose text for software integrity/updating
ddca85f use new guide transform in Makefile, fixed filename mistake
5f730f3 new transform to create custom HTML guide
05381fb Correcting a simple typo (/etc/modprob.d instead of the correct path /etc/modprobe.d)
61ade64 Changed the gconf_gnome_screensaver_idle_delay check to pass on values less than or equal to those in the profile. This allows users to reduce the time until the scree
94b1ecd OVAL testing
37de67c Fedora spec - replace hard-wired paths with macros.  Preserve attributes when copying files.
af11d6a [Fedora] New rpm versioning scheme - set proper name of the build directory
42ec0c8 [bugfix] Updated RPM spec file Pushing Jan Lieskovsky's patches. Thread @
745b173 Fixed two typos in RHEL6/input/checks/file_ownership_binary_dirs.xml. The first was inside a comment and said the check was for /lib when really it was for /bin. The s
a9580d3 Added checks for 'hard' or '-' for checks in /etc/security/limits.conf
321abf2 [bugfix] Updated RPM spec file
c148607 XCCDF Profile Cleanup, take 2 (now with correct patch) .... might help if I included the correct patch!   - Forgot that test profile needed by make-eval (thanks, jeff!
666565b OVAL signoff auditd_data_retention_action_mail_acct
a3a7c7e updated OVAL template: template_sysctl - Prior edition of sysctl template only checked runtime configuration, added checks for /etc/sysctl.conf - OVAL signoff
122b80e OVAL signoff: accounts_password_pam_cracklib_retry - filepath update - XCCDF naming update - Fixed variable name in USGCB profile
7450369 New OVAL: file_permissions_binary_dirs - net-new OVAL, though based off file_permissions_libary* - Added remediation script - Mapped XCCDF to OVAL - OVAL signoff
620110f OVAL signoff: file_permissions_library_dirs Light OVAL cleanup & signoff
d3a7e63 Updated kernel_module_disabled OVAL template - RHEL6 supports *both* /etc/modprobe.conf and /etc/modprob.d, updated check to scan via OR operator - Frank Caviggia call
49993eb new remediation: file_permissions_library_dirs
273fca2 OVAL signoff: accounts_dangerous_path_for_root
c522957 [Fedora] Introduce better rpm versioning scheme
28b1f22 Updated and tested root path checks
b3a67cb Introduce FEDORA directory skeleton and 'common' profile having two gpgcheck scans
1e0e85d [bugfix] Invalid dates in RHEL6 RPM spec file When testing the fedora RPM system, errors were thrown regarding invalidat dates in the RHEL6 RPM spec file. Interestingl
cac6900 [bugfix] Updated XCCDF profile names
9990a96 Reference tag was in wrong location, so I moved it to the metadata section as required.
11c277e OVAL signoff for multiple sysctl_net_ipv4 checks
657347f OVAL signoff for sysctl_kernel_exec_shield
52ea785 OVAL signoff for sysctl_kernel_randomize_va_space
7348645 OVAL signoff file_permissions_etc_group
e932bdc OVAL signoff file_groupowner_etc_group
25e5350 OVAL signoff file_groupowner_etc_passwd
ba5f816 added testrefs to a number of OVAL checks
d8373be corrected naming mismatch issues picked up by verify-input-sanity
8baa4a0 OVAL signoff file_groupowner_etc_gshadow [user@redhat-thing-1 checks]$ ls -lL /etc/gshadow ----------. 1 root root 723 Sep 16 12:58 /etc/gshadow [user@redhat-thing-1 c
d391ec4 OVAL signoff:  file_groupowner_etc_shadow
712bb19 OVAL signoff no_empty_passwords [user@redhat-thing-1 checks]$ grep nullok /etc/pam.d/system-auth [user@redhat-thing-1 checks]$ ./ no_empty_passwords.xml Ev
3836f91 OVAL/XCCDF namings for no_shelllogin_for_systemaccounts
405362d OVAL signoff for accounts_password_all_shadowed TESTING: [user@redhat-thing-1 checks]$ awk -F: '($2 != "x") {print}' /etc/passwd [user@redhat-thing-1 checks]$ awk -F:
de01914 OVAL signoff for accounts_no_shelllogin_for_systemaccounts OVAL signoff: accounts_no_shelllogin_for_systemaccounts
8e56c69 Updated XCCDF/OVAL namings
16b291f Updated accounts_password_minlen_login_defs  - XCCDF/OVAL namings
ef20faf OVAL signoff + remediation: no_empty_passwords  - OVAL/XCCDF namings  - OVAL signoff  - filename -> filepath  - Remediation
be29655 Added remediation for disable_users_coredumps  - OVAL/XCCDF naming  - Added remediation
88470cb  Added remediation for umask_for_daemons  - OVAL/XCCDF namings  - Added remediation script
0fcd5ad [ticket 390] Updated ensure_redhat_gpgkey_installed  - XCCDF/OVAL naming matchings  - OVAL signoff
8f6f2d9  [ticket 393] Updated securetty_root_login_console_only  - Updated XCCDF/OVAL namings  - filename ->filepath  - Added remediation
faa8e01 OVAL signoff + remediation: auditd_data_retention_admin_space_left_action  - OVAL signoff  - Updated XCCDF/OVAL namings  - Remediation script
d8e077e New remediation template: create_kernel_module_disabled  Created bash remediation template for kernel_module_disabled checks
5eccd26 Updated kernel module naming schemes  - Unified naming between XCCDF and OVAL namings for kernel module checks
f36af0a  Updated sysctl templates  - Old sysctl XCCDF names varied from "set_sysctl," "disable_sysctl" to "sysctl_*", standardized on "sysctl_*"  - This change ensures that al
524f623 accounts_* remediation update  Needed to append filename after echo statement
f3f6dce OVAL signoff + remediation: require_singleuser_auth  - Updated OVAL to match XCCDF namings  - Created remediation  - Resignoff on OVAL due to changes
bb49f29 OVAL signoff + remediation: disable_interactive_boot  - Updated OVAL namings to match XCCDF  - OVAL signoff (the old regex was broke)  - Added remediation
78b45af  Added remediation: set_sysctl_kernel_dmesg_restrict  From template
c42cf7b Added Remediation: set_sysctl_fs_suid_dumpable  Built from template
59d383a OVAL signoff + remediation: accounts_password_warn_age_login_defs  - OVAL signoff  - Added remediation
bce5a06 Updated filepaths  Just noticed these two were using /etc/sshd... updated!
72e6eb2 Added remediation: accounts_maximum_age_login_defs
f7c11da Added Remediation for accounts_minimum_age_login_defs  Based off prior template
89d1d6d  OVAL signoff + remediation: accounts_password_minlen_login_defs  - Old OVAL was checking system-auth, XCCDF calls /etc/login.defs  - OVAL signoff  - Added remediation
00dced9 XCCDF & OVAL signoff for file_ownership_library_dirs + remediation  - The XCCDF was not clear that users should scan the /lib/modules directory, adjusted wording  - XC
ce7ab3d More testrefs, this time for mount_option_tmp checks
184dba8 Adding testrefs to mount_option_dev_shm_* checks, all appear to function correctly.
7031613 RHEL6 Replace lxml.etree.XMLSyntaxError traceback with path to problematic XCCDF file. OpenStack ditto. RHEVM3 ditto.
6d8ecc4 grub.conf is not guaranteed to be in /boot/grub if the system is using EFI, so I added a test for its default location in /boot/efi/EFI/redhat
61c9e4e New check uses /etc/mtab and mount partition check to look for bind mount on /var/tmp
380379b Added test checks for set of partition checks.
5c30726 [bugfix] Updated APIPA addresses as identified by David Smith Dave noted that some of the APIPA addresses were typod as, vs correct
841ba81 remediation + OVAL for sshd_enable_warning_banner - Updated OVAL namings to match XCCDF - filename --> filepath - added remediation
05e27cb [bugfix] sshd_set_idle_timeout.xml --> (remediation script)
1da38d0 remediation + OVAL for sshd_disable_empty_passwords - Updated OVAL naming to match XCCDF - filename --> filepath - Added remediation
5b9b395 remediation + OVAL for sshd_set_idle_timeout - Updated OVAL ID & filename to match XCCDF - filename --> filepath OVAL - Added remediation
d7e7971 OVAL + remediation: sshd_do_not_permit_user_env - Updated OVAL ID and filename to match XCCDF - filename -> filepath OVAL - Added remediation
b0ab8e6 OVAL + remediation: disable_host_auth - Updated OVAL ID and filename to match XCCDF - filename --> filepath - Added remediation
57658ac OVAL + remediation for sshd_disable_root_login - Updated OVAL file & id to match XCCDF - filename --> filepath - Added remediation
23fc5f6 OVAL + remediation for sshd_set_keepalive - Updated OVAL names to match XCCDF - filename --> filepath - Added remediation
2a1bbe7 Updated sshd_disable_rhosts - Renamed OVAL check to match XCCDF name - filename -> filepath - Added remediation
e293c7b New remediation: sshd_use_approved_ciphers
a99d775 sshd_use_approved_ciphers OVAL: filename -> filepath
6153f07 Update to network_disable_zeroconf OVAL - Updated OVAL name to match XCCDF name - filename --> filepath in OVAL - Added remediation
fd60b86 umask_for_daemons: filename -> filepath & updated signoff [shawn@rhel6 checks]$ var_umask_for_daemons=027 ; export var_umask_for_daemons ; ./ umask_for_dae
52fbe2d new OVAL check for kernel.dmesg_restrict
a4c3da8 new rule for restricting access to dmesg
731441f adjustment to duplicate ID text
251f452 removed HOWTO text for openssl
1253b6e [bugfix] Updated selinux_bootloader_notdisabled per ticket 391
eb4d177 [bugfix] Updated regex+filepath for umask_for_daemons - Wrong filepath - Broke regex - Added signoff
b034d93 Updated STIG refine values for ucredit, ocredit, lcredit
297ffb2 OVAL signoff for template_permissions
53faca6 [bugfix] oval/checks/templates/output/.gitignore updated to ignore .sh files
ccd8c14 OVAL testing template_package_removed
92a6939 OVAL testing for template_kernel_module_disabled
285b70d template_OVAL_package_installed testing + bash remediations  - Testing of OVAL for template_OVAL_package_installed  - Adding of associated bash scripts
6ebc93f Updated NIST profile ID
90f3331 added "checks" as a dependency for tables
4c76e49 Tiny patch to correct typo, it's -S stime, not -S time.
156d71a Prose changes and copy editing
8612b07 added interrogatory phrase to OCIL questions
ee53c82 Another batch of tested checks. Includes some checks that had their comments expanded or were renamed from random values.
cca02fb Check will return list of all partitions without nodev instead of a complete list of all partitions and the return value of true/false will accurately reflect passing
3c2ddb9 improved table to indicate when OVAL checks have been tested
92dc471 made CSS adjustments to make <pre> wrap
b5c35b6 Existing check was screwed up (title was wrong, comments were wrong, etc.) and was easily replaced by a templated check
2f92bb8 Improbably, the input line for UDP is $UDPServerRun, not $InputUDPServerRun. Also, the check forgot to include the port number, so it always gave a false positive.
eeec622 Original check assumed that sha512 would always be the first option
95c8805 Guide refers to :omrelp: as a valid remote logging option, so I've updated the check to accept that format as well
6d40bcb Making SSH checks uniform and hopefully adding case insensitive matches properly
8d2b031 Adding reference tags to show which checks I've tested. Some very slight whitespace corrections were made as well.
04a0fb6 [bugfix] Updated XCCDF rule name of set_sysctl_ipv6_default_accept_redirects in profiles
477cf7d Check needs to be reversed. As is, if you specified 10 as the maximum number of concurrent logins, it would allow 20.
499d1ca Small patch to replace autogenerated test, state, and object ids with human readable ones (now with 80 character line breaks)
0bea4ab moved namespace assignment into shorthand2xccdf.xslt transform
464b876 added comment, added calls to insert Profiles
2a62395 removing calls to now-unnecessary transforms
61da0f5 Adding new OVAL check that will parse /etc/passwd, looking for system accounts with real login shells (not /sbin/nologin, /sbin/halt, /sbin/shutdown, or /bin/sync)
fc064ce renaming namespace addition file, as part of refactoring
9c366bb removing namespaces from no-namespace fragments, transforms
28630df refactoring of XCCDF shorthand expansion and namespace assignments
b22713b Added rule for disabling interface use of IPv6
57464ba Additional option for number of max concurrent logins
19be81c Added rule regarding anonymous NFS connections
0986a65 modified transform to include new profile
65b0a84 added example of a custom profile
92dd7a3 DHCP section referred to the wrong file location for dhcpd.conf
c351938 Last item in Avahi file feels like it's supposed to be a Rule, not a Group
c929fc5 It IS always,exit NEVER exit,always!
996bf22 what?
0b1ad85 Correct telnet service disabled checks
53ae081 Audit test fix to match rest of checks, also fixed text doc
748b723 Corrected bash services template - Updated Makefile - Removed incorrectly generated service enable scripts
9ce1c3a Removing content of pattern match line, since it seems to break OVAL. Also, updated id names to be real words, not randomly generated values.
8f89e00 removal of invalid state child element in world-writable files test
6699d5a removal of invalid state child element in /var/log/audit ownership test
ff9da0a new versions of unauth suid/sgid OVAL checks
789e0c1 Added line to indicate test output file, to OVAL testing script
e24cf91 Created remediation template: create_services_enabled
52a2e0b Removing unreferenced OVAL file_ssh_host_keys_public_permissions.xml
fd78bd7 Removing unreferenced file_ssh_host_keys_private_permissions.xml   Removing unreferenced file_ssh_host_keys_private_permissions.xml
a8b3a2b Updated selinux_all_devicefiles_labeled  The check enumeration of 'none exist' was depricated for 'none satisfy' as of OVAL 5.3, reference:
32652f9 Added OVAL mapping to world_writeable_files  Mapped OVAL file_permissions_unauthorized_world_writable to XCCDF world_writeable_files
2a027a4 Corrected naming of set_sysctl_ipv6_default_accept_redirects   Updated naming of XCCDF rule "set_sysctl_ipv6_default_accept_redirects" to "set_sysctl_net_ipv6_default_
e2a0203 Added OVAL + remediation for sysctl_net_ipv6_conf_default_accept_ra   Generated from templates
a46ca9b Created OVAL + remediation for sysctl_net_ipv6_conf_default_accept_redirects  Created using templates
73f5ddc removal of invalid state child element in world-writable files test pushing for jeff blank via
fe7008e removal of invalid state child element in /var/log/audit ownership test pushing for jeff blank per
76d18ba Changes to SSHD Ciphers
7bcca7b Removing '\' from audit rule lines to prevent confusion.
3fd0b9f Updated RPM version to 0.1-12
91c0a64 Added the checks for accounts_passwords_pam_fail_interval and accounts_passwords_pam_faillock_unlock_time as there was only the check for accounts_passwords_pam_faillo