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Subject: Re: Rule rpm_verify_file_hashes and config files

On Thursday, January 10, 2019 11:24:20 AM EST Shawn Wells wrote:
> On 1/9/19 8:54 PM, Trevor Vaughan wrote:
> >     DoD refined as requiring audit of all
> >     success/failed attempts to create/access/delete/modify files [2]
> >
> > Ugh... this thing *destroys* systems on a regular basis along with the
> > chmod/chown rules. I get it but I've seen *so* many systems tanked by
> > those rules.
> Way the current Configuration Annex is written is that CNSSI 1253 and
> DoD systems will need to audit every file I/O.

It is almost the same as what is called out for by OSPP-4.2. Which you can
see here:

AFAICS, CNSSI 1253 also wants accesses of configuration files. I would say that
is ill-advised. You may want failures due to permissions in accessing files.
But with a lot of subsystems putting configuration in /usr/lib/ how do you
tell what to monitor and what is applications? I'd say treat config files as
any other file because they are too spread out and accessed constantly, like

> They have a reasonably responsive team behind these. Can open a ticket
> through GitHub, or even submit a PR, to start the conversation to have
> these changed:
> nnex.xml#L212#L223

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