We are making progress.  Still waiting to hear back on a couple of issues, but progress is being made.

For others that may not know of the effort that Shawn eluded to..  I work closely with DISA in my role at Red Hat.  We have a goal to eventually, align the SSG and STIG content.  The benefit of everyone is that if you use SSG to do something like lock down the OS while it is being provisioned, or to periodically scan a system from Satellite server, the results of those scan will be identical to a scan using ACAS.  The end result is a security posture that is much easier to maintain and a great chance that any configuration drift will not occur.


On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 1:51 PM, Shawn Wells <shawn@redhat.com> wrote:

On 7/26/17 1:48 PM, Ted Brunell wrote:
> I want to clarify something that was mentioned about automation
> content earlier in this thread...
> I communicate on a regular basis with the people at DISA that are
> responsible for STIG and SCAP content.  They have verified that DISA
> is planning on releasing automation content (aka benchmark) containing
> the necessary files for RHEL 7 in the not too distant future.  I am
> not sure exactly when it will be released, but when it is, it will be
> posted for consumption at
> http://iase.disa.mil/stigs/scap/Pages/index.aspx under SCAP 1.2 content.
> Currently, they are reviewing the SSG content for use in the benchmark
> content.

Nice! Thanks Ted! Great to hear they've changed their minds. Would be
*fantastic* to bring DISA back into the fold of what DoD, NIST, NSA, the
community, and Red Hat are doing on STIG work!

How goes the work with DISA to align their content to the DoD
recommended settings?
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