Hey all,

Just ran oscap with the xml files available on the website (Benchmark version 0.9). Here are the issues that seem to be false positives. Prefix everything with "RHEL-06-000". These are all marked as fail but the server meets the STIG.

  9   rhnsd can be on if configured to Satellite server or similar
 57   ucredit
 58   ocredit
 59   lcredit
 73   /etc/issue
 98  No ipv6 installed
 99  "
165  adjtimex
167  settimeofday
169  stime  // Also, the STIG is wrong. There is no x86_64 stime syscall
171  clock_settime
184-196, 200 chmod, chown, etc...
206-211  No telnet installed or turned on
240  /etc/ssh/sshd_config Banner
271  If there are no removable partitions this is not a finding.
278  If the file permissions are more restrictive then it is not a finding.
324  No X running
326   " 
346  Finding reported on umask 022
348  No vsftp installed, thus no file.
506  "hushlogin"
507  PrintLastLog

Am I confused in thinking a system in run level 3 should net need to worry about X/Gnome findings?


Mind on a Mission