Hello all,

  Is there any way to load a set of customizations into scap-workbench, make some additional tweaks, and then output *only* the customizations themselves (old + new changes)?  Everytime I’ve tried to do this I wind up with effectively the entire profile with my customizations overriding the original profile settings.  To get around this I have my ‘gold’ customization file, and then for anything other than a trivial modification I create a branch new customization and manualy cut/paste my customization back into my gold file.  Painful.

  And next - I’d posted a year or so ago in the ‘open-scap’ mailing list asking if there was a reliable/good way to compare baselines (example - C2S vs stig-rhel7-disa, or a tailoring file against the reference).  Seems to be to be a glaring missing feature.  I started to write a comparison tool for my own use and have a very clunky python script to do it.  I’d planned (and received permission from management) to release that back to the community (under the BSD 3-clause to match scap-security-guide) but got very side-tracked at work.  Had to revisit it and realized just how clunky it is.  Unless there is an accepted way to do this I’ll try to find time to clean it up and post i.






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