This is the way how we should proceed, i.e. the 1.9.2 should become
default. Later we can consider what to do with 1.8 ...

I wonder what do you guys think about the Debian approach:

Looks like a win win.

Replacing 1.8 does not mean that they cannot be installed in parallel I guess.

It's my first email to the list. My apologies If I'm being to brave. Greetings to all!


I have Squeeze (Debian 6.0) on a box, and have played with this.  So far I haven't noticed any issues with it and it works well.  Same idea as if you have a Mac and use MacPorts to install 1.9.  It installs with a 1.9 suffix and as such is completely independent of the system (1.8) install.

I'd really like to see Fedora ship 1.9, at least in parallel with 1.8 as in the above two examples.  We can phase out 1.8 later after 1.8 dependent programs have been migrated.