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On 04/24/2012 04:26 AM, Jason Guiditta wrote:
Long as this email was, I realize I may not have provided all the
detail needed, so feel free to follow up with questions on this
of thinking, and maybe we can finally solve this thing once and for
This sounds like something I was planned to do, do you have any code
examples for your suggestions?


I am working on phase 1 this sprint, hopefully phase 2 will be next
sprint, so in a coupke weeks.

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Any updates?

ruby-sig mailing list
A bit late to the party, with a couple of thoughts:

Phase two expands this concept by making the core of bundler itself
aware of an environent variable (let's call it USE_BUNDLER for now),
which if set, causes it to not attempt to create or read a lock file,
and to just load the dependeincies based on whatever the system has
installed.  This is meant _only_ for pure rpm/deb style systems where
the gem can reasonably be expected to only have one version installed,
otherwise you are back to the situation bundler solves for us.


any benefits of using an environment variable over a global/local config file? The latter would allow us to have rpm-based setup for system stuff, and keep bundler-based setup for development (would be my preferred configuration)...

If we can get upstream bundler to accept that not everyone who uses
bundler is deploying things in the scenario they were attempting to
solve, we may be able to coax it into working for everyone.

Did anybody attempt talking to bundler devs? If not, I can volunteer...