Replying to list to get wider discussion.

> Posted by Bohuslav "Slavek" Kabrda on 2012-07-13 04:21:44 EDT
> to
> [Review Request: redmine]

> Emanuel,
> I'm not sure we want redmine in Fedora. It would make us always
> have its specified version of rails. I don't think we want to
> have our hands tied with that. What if we want to get rails 4
> (when they get released) into Fedora and redmine still relies
> on 3.2.3? This would limit us greatly, I have to say I am
> against that.

> A solution to your problem might be creating a software
> collection [1], [2], which would be independent on system Gems
> versions. Unfortunately, software collections are
not allowed
> into Fedora [3] - but I believe that if enough users would want
> to use them for projects like this, FPC would allow them.
> Redmine is a great candidate
for a software collection, I think

> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

What I want to achieve with this redmine package is:

- a high quality package by getting feedback from the community
- an easy installation with sane defaults for redmine users

A software collection goes part of the way there, but has some
disadvantages by not being a first class citizen of Fedora.

When the rails community drops support for rails version 3, it
should not be wise to still run Redmine installations for rails 3.
At that time, we should work with upstream to make redmine work
on rails 4.

When rails 4 is released but rails 3 is still supported, I see no
reason why we could not have rails 3 and rails 4 side by side in
We do it for packages like python too.

Do you think having redmine in Fedora would limit your freedom to
move the Fedora versions at the same speed that the upstream
community is moving? Why? Should this problem be solved in Fedora
or in the application (redmine upstream)? How can a package
maintainer help?

Thank you for your comment,