i think push rails 3 is prefered.

2010/9/1 Jeroen van Meeuwen <kanarip@kanarip.com>
Mohammed Morsi wrote:
> I'm not currently aware of how compatible Rails 2.3.8 / 3.0.0 are.

I would argue they are not at all compatible -but that's hear-say. Joost
Elfering could tell us more (in CC:). Joost, could you please give us some
insight? Pretty please?

If nothing else, I would argue a rails3 package makes sense, but then again
I'm not sure how long 2.3.8 is considered to be around; if it's not going to
be around next year, we could fold back rails3 onto the rails package and
obsolete / declare dead rails3 maybe?

-- Jeroen
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