Hi all,

Another 2 weeks are gone and I return with a report on the current SPDX status.


  * Total rubygems in Fedora: 477
  * Excluded gems:
  * Total rubygems checked:   472
  * Fedora License field and gem2rpm license match and license-validate succeeds: 291/472
  * license-validate says they are OK SPDX, but licenses may or may not match between Fedora and upstream: 333/472
  * license-validate with converted conjunctions: 337/472
  * Action required: 139/472

  Packages that need to convert to valid SPDX:
rubygem-gem_name,                fedora_license
rubygem-allison,                 AFL
rubygem-ansi,                    BSD
rubygem-aruba,                   MIT and CC-BY and (MIT or GPLv2) and (MIT or BSD or GPLv2)
rubygem-atk,                     LGPLv2
rubygem-atomic,                  ASL 2.0
rubygem-aws-sigv4,               ASL 2.0
rubygem-bcrypt,                  MIT and Public Domain and ISC
rubygem-bcrypt_pbkdf,            MIT and BSD and ISC
rubygem-between_meals,           ASL 2.0
rubygem-boxgrinder-build,        LGPLv3+
rubygem-boxgrinder-core,         LGPLv3+
rubygem-byebug,                  BSD
rubygem-cairo,                   GPLv2 or Ruby
rubygem-cairo-gobject,           LGPLv2+
rubygem-clutter,                 LGPLv2+
rubygem-clutter-gdk,             LGPLv2+
rubygem-clutter-gstreamer,       LGPLv2+
rubygem-clutter-gtk,             LGPLv2+
rubygem-colorize,                GPLv2
rubygem-contracts,               BSD
rubygem-cookiejar,               BSD
rubygem-creole,                  GPLv2 or Ruby
rubygem-daemons,                 MIT and (GPLv2+ or Ruby)
rubygem-dnsruby,                 ASL 2.0
rubygem-domain_name,             BSD and (MPLv1.1 or GPLv2+ or LGPLv2+)
rubygem-elasticsearch-transport, ASL 2.0
rubygem-escape,                  BSD
rubygem-eventmachine,            GPLv2 or Ruby
rubygem-fattr,                   BSD or Ruby
rubygem-ffi,                     BSD
rubygem-file-tail,               ASL 2.0
rubygem-gdk3,                    LGPLv2+
rubygem-gdk_pixbuf2,             LGPLv2
rubygem-gem2rpm,                 GPLv2+
rubygem-gio2,                    LGPLv2
rubygem-glib2,                   LGPLv2
rubygem-gobject-introspection,   LGPLv2+
rubygem-goocanvas,               LGPLv2
rubygem-gstreamer,               LGPLv2
rubygem-gtk2,                    LGPLv2
rubygem-gtk3,                    LGPLv2+
rubygem-gtksourceview2,          LGPLv2
rubygem-gtksourceview3,          LGPLv2+
rubygem-haml,                    MIT and WTFPL
rubygem-hashery,                 BSD
rubygem-hashicorp-checkpoint,    MPLv2.0
rubygem-hiera-vault,             ASL 2.0
rubygem-highline,                GPLv2 or Ruby or BSD
rubygem-hiredis,                 BSD
rubygem-hocon,                   ASL 2.0
rubygem-hpricot,                 MIT and ASL 2.0
rubygem-hrx,                     ASL 2.0
rubygem-httpclient,              (Ruby or BSD) and Public Domain
rubygem-i18n,                    MIT and (BSD or Ruby)
rubygem-icaro,                   GPLv3
rubygem-idn,                     ASL 2.0 and LGPLv2+
rubygem-image_size,              Ruby or GPLv2
rubygem-imagesize,               GPLv2 or Ruby
rubygem-json,                    Ruby or BSD
rubygem-levenshtein,             GPLv2
rubygem-locale,                  GPLv2 or Ruby
rubygem-log4r,                   LGPLv3
rubygem-logstash-event,          ASL 2.0
rubygem-macaddr,                 Ruby or BSD
rubygem-marcel,                  MIT and ASL 2.0
rubygem-mixlib-cli,              ASL 2.0
rubygem-mixlib-config,           ASL 2.0
rubygem-mixlib-log,              ASL 2.0
rubygem-mixlib-shellout,         ASL 2.0
rubygem-mocha,                   MIT or Ruby or BSD
rubygem-mongo,                   ASL 2.0
rubygem-msgpack,                 ASL 2.0
rubygem-narray,                  BSD and Ruby
rubygem-ncursesw,                LGPLv2+
rubygem-net-sftp,                MIT or LGPLv2
rubygem-nifti,                   LGPLv3+
rubygem-nio4r,                   MIT and (BSD or GPLv2+)
rubygem-nokogiri,                MIT and Apache-2.0
rubygem-open4,                   BSD or Ruby
rubygem-opennebula,              ASL 2.0
rubygem-pango,                   LGPLv2
rubygem-pathspec,                ASL 2.0
rubygem-pdf-core,                GPLv2 or GPLv3 or Ruby
rubygem-pdf-inspector,           GPLv2 or GPLv3 or Ruby
rubygem-pkg-config,              LGPLv2+
rubygem-poppler,                 LGPLv2
rubygem-power_assert,            Ruby or BSD
rubygem-prawn,                   (GPLv2 or GPLv3 or Ruby) and APAFML
rubygem-prawn-icon,              Ruby or GPLv2 or GPLv3
rubygem-prawn-table,             Ruby or GPLv2 or GPLv3
rubygem-prawn-templates,         Ruby or GPLv2 or GPLv3
rubygem-protobuf,                MIT and BSD
rubygem-rabbit,                  GPLv2+ and CC-BY
rubygem-racc,                    BSD
rubygem-rack,                    MIT and BSD
rubygem-rb-readline,             BSD
rubygem-rchardet,                LGPLv2
rubygem-rdiscount,               ASL 1.1
rubygem-rdoc,                    GPL-2.0 AND Ruby AND BSD-3-Clause AND CC-BY-2.5 AND OFL-1.1-RFN
rubygem-rdtool,                  GPLv2+ or Ruby
rubygem-redcarpet,               MIT and ISC
rubygem-rmail,                   BSD
rubygem-rouge,                   MIT and BSD
rubygem-rsvg2,                   LGPLv2
rubygem-ruby-dbus,               LGPLv2+ and MIT
rubygem-ruby-libvirt,            LGPLv2+
rubygem-ruby-shadow,             Public Domain
rubygem-rubyzip,                 Ruby or BSD
rubygem-sass-twitter-bootstrap,  ASL 2.0
rubygem-sassc-rails,             MIT and OFL
rubygem-scanf,                   BSD
rubygem-selenium-webdriver,      ASL 2.0
rubygem-serialport,              GPLv2
rubygem-sinatra-rabbit,          ASL 2.0
rubygem-stomp,                   ASL 2.0
rubygem-sugarjar,                ASL 2.0
rubygem-sys-uname,               ASL 2.0
rubygem-test-unit,               (BSD or Ruby or Python) and (BSD or Ruby)
rubygem-test-unit-notify,        LGPLv2+ and (LGPLv2+ or GFDL or CC-BY-SA)
rubygem-test-unit-rr,            LGPLv2+
rubygem-thread_safe,             ASL 2.0 and Public Domain
rubygem-tk,                      BSD or Ruby
rubygem-ttfunk,                  GPLv2 or GPLv3 or Ruby
rubygem-uglifier,                MIT and BSD
rubygem-unf,                     BSD
rubygem-uuid,                    MIT or CC-BY-SA
rubygem-vault,                   MPLv2.0
rubygem-vte,                     LGPLv2
rubygem-vte3,                    LGPLv2+
rubygem-webkit2-gtk,             LGPLv2+
rubygem-webrick,                 Ruby and BSD-2-Clause
rubygem-webrobots,               BSD
rubygem-websocket-driver,        ASL 2.0
rubygem-xmlparser,               GPLv2+ and ( Ruby or GPLv2+ or MIT ) and ( GPLv2+ or Artistic )
rubygem-xmlrpc,                  Ruby or BSD
rubygem-yard,                    MIT and (BSD or Ruby)
rubygem-zoom,                    LGPLv2+