On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 2:37 PM, Tim Niemueller <tim@niemueller.de> wrote:
Hi Fedora robotics people.

Our Robotics Suite feature has been accepted. Thanks to everybody, in
particular to Rich and Hedayat.

I will setup the Fawkes demo repository tomorrow to start the demo. We
should have a meeting again and discuss the next steps. What about next
Tuesday, Jan 18 at 14:00 UTC?

Rich, do you know the process of getting the comps group to start
tagging packages for the group? Can someone contact the arts group for
icons and other artwork that is required? I'll focus on the demo then.


I did find out the process for adding a comps group, I will compile a package list for the Robotics Suite comps group and commit it to our github project.  Before we contact the art people, I think we should narrow down what we want done.  So far I see that we need:

* Logo for the Robotics Suite
* Banner for Robotics Suite to be used on our webpages
* Icons for Player utilities and Stage (I'd like these, but they're not essential to the robotics suite effort)

Once we narrow this list down, I will file a ticket and follow through.  If you keep your demo work on github, I will try to jump in and help you.  The fedora-robotics-spin project is as good a place as any to get all of this done.