Tim Niemueller <tim@niemueller.de> wrote on 01/14/2011 12:25:27 AM +0350:
On 13.01.2011 20:10, Rich Mattes wrote:

I can do any of these times as well.  1400UTC is a good time for me.
Ok, let's go for 1400UTC as I cannot make it on Monday or Sunday.

I can't think of anything else we'd need.  I don't know that we'll need the
anaconda stuff for the RoboticsSuite feature, but we will once we create the
Ok, if we contact them we should do it all in one go I think.

I started on the comps group last night.  I'm creating a whole new group
called "Robotics Suite", once it's done you should be able to "yum
groupinstall "Robotics Suite"" and end up with a complete robotics
development environment.  Once we nail down the package list, we submit the
patch to comps.xml to the -devel list, and barring any qualms we commit it
to the comps git.
Excellent. I'd vote for the Robotics category if that is different from 
the group. What has to happen to have an appropriate package group (RPM 
spec tag)?
In anaconda package customization UI, the left column shows categories (Desktop Environment, Applications, Server ...) and the right column shows groups of the selected category.
Package groups are organized in comps.xml itself, so there is no need to change anything in the packages themselves.


One last thing: I'm about ready to start shuffling our wiki pages around:
putting http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Rmattes/Robotics at
fp.o/wiki/Robotics, and then moving the SIG page to wiki/SIGs/Robotics
(right now SIGs/Robotics is a redirect to wiki/Robotics, and Robotics
contains the SIG page.)  We still need the Fawkes example, maybe I'll try to
come up with one as it will give me an excuse to learn a little bit more
about it :)   Once we get a banner, we can put it at the top of that wiki
page as well.
Go for it!