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As of RC2, the update is pushed and Robotics Spin is being built. It would be nice if you can try it to see if it has any apparent problems:




Awesome.  I gave it a try with qemu-kvm, it boots and runs fine, minus the gnome-shell experience.  I couldn't find the "install to hard drive" icon anywhere in fallback mode, is there a separate package that needs to be installed for that?
AFAIK, it is added by the scripts in .ks files. Maybe they forgot to add it to fallback mode too. IIRC, the .desktop files was already there and you should just enabled it, but I might be wrong.

A few things:
- I was looking over the kickstart, it looks like there's some utilities like telnet and minicom that were removed in the .ks we based the robotics .ks off of, but would probably be pretty helpful to roboticists.  I know I use gtkterm and minicom a lot to talk to sensors, and I can see telnet being helpful.  I will add these back; any other suggestions?
I don't know if they are already included, but libraries for firewire access (libraw1394 and libdc1394) and libftdi are helpful. But they might be already pulled in as mrpt dependencies. And... have we included -devel packages in the spin? I'm not sure but maybe some or most of them should be included. For example, while MRPT provides some applications but its library provides lots of functionality so probably mrpt-devel package should be included inside the live version while it is marked as optional in comps. It is very likely that it is applicable to other packages too.

- Fawkes currently has some broken deps, so it's commented out of the ks for now.  Once f16 is released, we can add it back.

- Should we try to get a page on spins.fedoraproject.org before the release next week?  We already have some artwork from the design team, and the Robotics Suite page on the wiki is probably a good starting point for the spins page content.  I think we need to make a ticket at [1] with the artwork and content to get that done.
It'd be great. The robotics spin is now an official spin and it is much better if it has its own page as a product rather than wiki pages.



[1] https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-websites/

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