The Pungi development team is pleased to announce the availability of Pungi
4.3.4. Releases are for Fedora 34-36 and will be in a stable repository in a moment.

Here are the changes of 4.3.4:

* Do not clone the same repository multiple times, re-use already cloned repository (ounsal)
  Clone the directory to the compose tmp directory. Update the test_scm in order to create
  real Compose object. Mock objects are not allowed to create/delete files for preventing
  multiple clones.

* Variants file in config can contain path (onosek)    
  rcm-metadata configs contain a definition of variants file. It can be in form of SCM or file path.
  Before the fix, only variants file's basename was considered. Now the path can be written.
  Example: variants_file = "comps/variants-rcmtools-2.0-rhel-8.xml"

* 'nomacboot' option for livemedia koji tasks (cobrien)

* kojiwrapper: Add retries to login call (lsedlar)
  The gssapi_login call is not retried automatically by Koji yet (see koji#3170). Let's try
   to work around that by retrying in the calling code.

* doc: improve osbs_registries explanation (kdreyer)
  Explain the use-case for this setting, and use the active voice to explain what actions Pungi
  performs relative to other tools.

* osbs: only handle archives of type "image" (kdreyer)    
  Prior to this change, if a container image used Cachito with OSBS, then OSBS would store
  additional "remote-sources" files in the Koji archives for the build. Pungi cannot parse
  the metadata for these archive entries, so it would crash in add_metadata.
  Tell Koji to only return container image archives, and ignore these remote-source archives.

* Fix the wrong working directory for the progress_notification script. (ounsal)
  The notification script inherits working directory from the parent process and it can be called
  from the same directory ``pungi-koji`` is called from. The working directory is listed at the start
  of main log.

* Filter out environment groups unmatch given arch (hlin)
  Remove undefined groups or groups not matching given arch from environments.

* profiler: Respect provided output stream (lsedlar)

* modules: Correct a typo in loading obsoletes (ppisar)
  obsoletes --> obsolete

* Update the default greedy_method value in doc (ounsal)

Refer to the documentation [1] for details on what configuration
options are available.


If you encounter problems or need general help, stop by #fedora-releng
IRC channel or file issues in Pagure.

Happy composing!