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When doing some functional testing on this, I found that if a bug is needinfo and recently modified, the two icons end up above and below eachother in a taller row instead of next to eachother on a normal height row as they should be. I was able to reproduce this in both firefox and chromium.

After futzing with the css and html for a while, I haven't found an awesome solution to this yet. The best I've come up with is to change the <th></th> on the first column to something that's effectively:

<th style="width=50px"></th>

I don't like it but I haven't come up with a better solution. Either way, it needs to be fixed before this code is done.

- Tim Flink

On August 29th, 2013, 10:25 a.m. UTC, Martin Krizek wrote:

Review request for blockerbugs.
By Martin Krizek.

Updated Aug. 29, 2013, 10:25 a.m.

Bugs: 316
Repository: blockerbugs


This patch adds a needinfo field into the Bug table. The field is filed with the name of a user that the info is needed from, or empty string if needinfo is not set. If needinfo is set, an icon is displayed in bug list in the same way as the 'recently modified' icon -- any ideas on how to display the information better?


Run db sync, one of the bugs had needinfo flag set, everything worked as expected.


  • sass/app.scss (061016495d9c46aef0efb5dcfc9e3a5eab43f72c)
  • sass/_settings.scss (0365d08d950f4fa3c72223ee9bc32be82cf5d270)
  • blockerbugs/util/ (49cce49740cd6f5b1f430f58c8d1b522e1f0b7e3)
  • blockerbugs/templates/blocker_list.html (17cdc74d5cac7be3d3843196eeda9e01f1c91ff3)
  • blockerbugs/static/css/general_foundicons.css (d46e3b5b5e9452aadedfbb1bc275934a0cea43ec)
  • blockerbugs/static/css/app.css (99b6fbc81b231c7f876f1365cfc63f6eade1217e)
  • blockerbugs/static/css/app-foundation.css (852272bf1bd1c629b30933b451daceec31812de7)
  • blockerbugs/models/ (095cf7294a5b0a5b3fb9979abf9e669e4acd157c)
  • alembic/versions/ (PRE-CREATION)

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