On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 8:27 AM František Zatloukal <fzatlouk@redhat.com> wrote:
The "correct" way to do this is to use orphaning procedure. This way, anybody interested will have enough time to take over the to-be removed packages.

"When Fedora maintainers do not want or are not able to maintain a package any longer, they can orphan or retire the package. When they think that the package is still useful for Fedora, they should orphan it. Then other maintainers that are interested in maintaining it, can take ownership of this package. In case the package is no longer useful for Fedora, e.g. because it was renamed, upstream does not exist anymore, then it should be retired."

As I said, I think it makes sense to go for orphaning in case of mongoquery, and retiring for taskotron packages. But as you note:

Also, all packages that are orphaned for 6+ weeks get retired. This will happen before F34, so there is no harm in doing this through orphans.

Yes, it should be the same anyway, if we do it right now. I just know that sometimes the retirement process does not happen automatically and the packages linger, and that's why I suggested retiring the upstream-dead packages right away. I see no benefit in a two-step process, only potential issues. But I don't care, really.
Anyway, what do you think about the actual proposal, and not the technicalities?
Tim, Josef, do you have anything to say here?