our Taskotron-related repositories (with exceptions like resultsdb) have been marked as EOL and archived more than half a year ago. I believe it's time to also tidy up our rpm packages in Fedora.

Looking at our group ownership [1] I have identified the following rpms which could be retired:
* libtaskotron - nothing depends on it
* taskotron-trigger - nothing depends on it
* python-mongoquery - only taskotron-trigger depends on it
* execdb - nothing depends on it

I think we could have a light discussion regarding libtaskotron. The git repo is marked as EOL and therefore the package should go away. However, it's easy to flip the git repo back to a live state and it's not that trivial to bring back an rpm package. So we should at least briefly consider whether there is anything in that repo that could be useful in some of our other current efforts. When looking at the code [2], I think there are a few modules that could be potentially useful elsewhere, like koji_utils/bodhi_utils/rpm_utils, perhaps a method or two from os_utils/file_utils, and a perhaps a few directives. The problem is that the code is not currently designed to work as a standalone library, but as a runner - it expects a config file present, it expects certain directories present, etc. The directives are exceptionally horrible if you want to use them just by importing and not through the runner. It would require a fairly big rewrite. Also we could drop ca. 70%-80% of the current codebase (the runner stuff and unuseful modules).

If Tim said he would like to use some of that code in his CI efforts, or Josef et al. said they would use some of that for oraculum or packager dashboard etc, we might not retire libtaskotron, but restructure it into something more useful. I'd be fine helping with that. But, even if we wanted to do that, I'd honestly consider leaving libtaskotron as it is, and rather creating a new package instead, something like 'libfedoraqa' or similar. And only the few useful modules would be transferred there. It feels to me much cleaner than reusing the libtaskotron name but gutting it heavily.

What are your thoughts? Do you see any near-term use of some of the existing code in libtaskotron? Or any other mentioned packages? Or can we just drop them and bring them back if we ever need them? (If we don't have an immediate use, there is a high probability we won't ever need them again).


[1] https://src.fedoraproject.org/group/qa-tools-sig
[2] https://pagure.io/taskotron/libtaskotron/blob/develop/f/libtaskotron