Hi Kamil,

Thank you for the reply.

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Hello Sinny,
thanks for your work and sorry for late response. I'll review your taskotron task and let you know if there's something that should be changed or not. Afterwards, we will start mirroring your git repo on our taskotron servers, and patch our taskotron-trigger to know about task-libabigail. We can then execute it on every new Koji build (or Bodhi update, your choice). Your task will probably be the first one that we will execute regularly while not being written and maintained directly by us, so if there are any rough edges in the process, I apologize in advance :-)
Okay, sounds good to me.

You'll need to have two branches in your git:
master - this will be used on our production server https://taskotron.fedoraproject.org/
develop - this will be used on our dev and staging server http://taskotron-dev.fedoraproject.org/ and https://taskotron.stg.fedoraproject.org/

Okay, works for me.

You need to decide whether it is better to run libabigain against every new Koji build, or just against every new Bodhi update. From a quick look, I think it makes more sense to run libabigail on every new Koji build, so that people can see the results even before creating the update (that requires looking into ResultsDB manually at the moment). If we run it on every Koji build, the results will still show up in Bodhi - Bodhi should query ResultsDB and show the results for those particular builds present in the update. (We might need to teach Bodhi about libabigail existence, I'm not sure). Ultimately it's your choice, what makes more sense for your check.

I believe that when we say every new Koji build, we are talking about non-scratch build which doesn't include scratch build done by anyone. If my assumption is right, then yes running libabigail task on each koji build will be good. It is possible to do that with current implementation since libabigail task look for a koji build-id to download corresponding rpms.

Please also create a wiki page at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Taskotron/Tasks/libabigail similar to these
linked from https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Taskotron/Tasks .

Sure, I will create one.
We try to have at least some basic documentation and FAQ for our checks in there. Currently it's not very discoverable (we should link to it at least from ResultsDB, which we currently don't) and the location can change, but at least it's a link we can give to people when asking basic questions about one of our tasks. Also, since you're going to maintain the task and not us, please include some "Contact" section where to post feedback or report bugs (e.g. github issues page). If people ask us about the task and we don't know the answer, we will point them to that wiki page.

Will add contact section in wiki page.
I wonder if it is better to have this included with other fedora qa tasks?

Can we please continue this discussion in qa-devel [1] mailing list? We can discuss more implementation details in there, and I'll post my review findings in there as well.