As you all probably know, we decided that keeping Phab up and running is not the best use of our - rather limited, and shrinking - resources, so we moved all our projects to Pagure. Yay!

As of now, all (relevant) tickes are moved to Pagure, and we have the Differential revisions archived as html snapshots here: (note that this is not the final version, once kparal gets to update it, the "download raw diff" links will provide you with just that).

Links between tickets, and ticket dependencies are hopefully moved too, as are the references for the Differential revisions tied to that ticket - I was able to manually check a few tickets, and "it was fine" (tm). In phabricator, ticket could be a part of multiple projects (like execdb + resultsdb + libtaskotron) - we (kparal mostly) cleaned up quite a deal of those, but some still made sense to keep. Pagure can not represent these, so I ended up duplicating the tickets. Such tickets' first comment (or some of the few first comments) says "This is a duplicate of ..." - meaning just that this was part of several projects and the referenced ticket is just the same.

This also means, that as of now, we won't be actively taking part in maintaining, or using Phabricator. We are still to decide on a reasonable way to do code reviews, so any tips on the topic are more than welcomed. If you have some un-merged differential revisions, that you'd like to see taken care of, please create a pull request, and mention that it is WRT to a specific diff.

I'm sad to see this great tool go, hopefully, we'll be able to make decent use of Pagure.


P.S. if you feel brave enough, feel free to have a look at the junk-code that made this possible at (disclaimer - the code should die in fire!)