Sorry, I have some errands today and I cannot attend.

2016-05-23 6:51 GMT+02:00 Tim Flink <>:
# Fedora QA Devel Meeting
# Date: 2016-05-23
# Time: 14:00 UTC
# Location: #fedora-meeting-1 on

There's not a whole lot to cover again and I suspect it'll be another
shorter meeting. Please put announcements and information under the
"Announcements and Information" section of the wiki page for this


Proposed Agenda

Announcements and Information
  - Please list announcements or significant information items below so
    the meeting goes faster

  - Does anyone need tasks to do?

Potential Other Topics

  - Docker testing
  - abi checking
  - packaging
  - What to do when some base images can't be built (typically rawhide)
    at all

Open Floor
  - TBD

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