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Python 3.7's Deterministic pycs
by Petr Viktorin
3 years
EPEL: Python 3.4 will be EOL in March 2019
by Miro Hrončok
3 years, 9 months
Plans for Matplotlib 3.0+
by Elliott Sales de Andrade
3 years, 10 months
python2 doesn't require setuptools anymore
by Igor Gnatenko
3 years, 11 months
[HEADS UP] pythonX no longer requires setuptools and pip
by Miro Hrončok
3 years, 11 months
[HEADS UP] There will be no virtualenv-2 and virtualenv-3, just virtualenv
by Miro Hrončok
3 years, 11 months
Intent to upgrade Django in f29 to 2.1
by Matthias Runge
3 years, 11 months
Starting to use gcc-8 on upstream Python project CI
by Jun Aruga
3 years, 11 months
Fwd: [RELEASED] Python 3.4.9 and Python 3.5.6 are now available
by Miro Hrončok
4 years
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