I also like the idea of calling the list ppc64 to distinguish it from previous PPC versions.

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Re: Move the list to lists.fedoraproject.org?

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> > Given my understanding of the scope of the IBM Fedora ppc
> > involvement, it seems appropriate to create a new list
> > ppc64@lists.fedoraproject.org. Perhaps the current fedora-ppc@ list
> > could remain for ppc32 and ppc on Apple hardware?
> Maybe I misunderstood but don't the fedora-ppc efforts cover both
> ppc32/mac and ppc64? If so, why the 32bit/64bit split? The move to
> lists.fp.o makes sense to me but the split does not.

Apologies, perhaps a bit of cart before the horse on my end.  The current fedora-ppc@ list is focused on "List for discussion of fedora on the ppc platform, particularly Apple Macintosh centric".  With the current revival effort of the Power architecture in Fedora as a secondary arch, the team working on that is primarily focused on ppc64.  While there are certainly are similar challenges from a release engineering perspective, it seems appropriate to me to just call the new list what it focused on ... ppc64@lists.fedoraproject.org.  

I fully expect there to be knowledge sharing between ppc and ppc64, however very little of the install media produced for ppc64 will be useful for non-IBM hardware.



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