Dne 28.2.2012 18:05, Rex Dieter napsal(a):
On 02/28/2012 10:56 AM, Vít Ondruch wrote:

All three versions provide the same output, unless I did some mistake,
since I did not tested it (actually the middle one was taken directly
from rubygem-POpen4.spec). So which version you prefer? Please note that
the "gem install" will always "unpack" the gem with some additional, for
our case unimportant, steps. We do not distribute the .gem file anywhere.

You didn't exactly (directly) answer my question.  Pretend I don't know much about ruby... (not far from the truth).

So, for rubygem packages that include native (C or otherwise code), how and when is this compiled?  If it is always done so during either version of these guidelines, please do accept my apologies for being ignorant.

It is compiled during the "gem install" step. So "gem install" is doing %prep, %build, %install in one step. So yes, it is always done for either version of guidelines.

However, you do say you do not distribute the .gem, though I'm curious why this seem to contradict you:

rpm -qlp rubygem-POpen4-0.1.4-3.fc17.noarch.rpm

I knew you will point it out :).

It is cached version of the original gem, which RubyGems may use to restore the gem into its original state (and may be other unknown purposes). However, it is not used in runtime, nor it is good idea to restore the gems maintained by RPM by gem command. Moreover, even though the gem would not be available in the cache dir, RubyGems will download it. Hence we add new clause into the packaging guidelines:

Since the Gem is installed using RPM, you must exclude the .gem file.