Without any packaging experience, the tar.gz file is not the source, it is a compiled version of the software. So iʼd say you should go the hard route and do the compilation in RPM time.

However, as far as my Golang-fu goes, you will have a bunch of build dependencies, but probably zero runtime deps (which is great in one way, but i personally find a semi-bad idea).


On Mon, 16 Sep 2019, 18:18 Ryan O'Hara, <rohara@redhat.com> wrote:
I'd like to package a Go application [1] that provides a tarball for each stable release. That's great, but it seems that I have two options:

1. Use the tarball as a source in the spec file, the proceed as usual. The Makefile included with this tarball will handle all the Go dependencies.

2. Treat this as a Go application, avoid the tarball and have the spec file define all the BuildRequires.

Thoughts? I've been packaging for ages but this will be my first Golang package. One way seems easier but might not be the best way. Cheers.


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