clicking the project file does not work, I guess because the working directory is not correct in this case. So you always have to open it via Project / Open in Editor.
Regarding the other problems you mentioned...never noticed that. But these plug-ins are all open source and it should be possible to correct them. Or tell the vendor, they are quite fast changing such things (I think an example project that demonstrates these bugs could be helpful)
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I have been playing with OpenAPC for a week now and found the following strange actions happening in ControlRoom 3.2-1 using the Windows i386 full package.


Double clicking on a apcp project file opens Control Room, but then get a whole heap of external plug in errors. Obviously Control Room is trying to open elements that have not been opened by the dll  as yet?? If I just open ControRoom and open the project from within ControlRoom, there are no problems.


When I use a toggle button output to control the Digital IN 0 of Rectangle the rectangle changes colour as expected, but a Free Line or an Ellipse does not change colour.


The Angular Meter and Linear Meter tick values seem incorrect to me when a non zero min value is entered. The ticks seem to be showing a delta from the minimum. Is this the expected behaviour? It seems incorrect to me – I am expecting the ticks to show the absolute value, to each tick needs to have min added to them.


Also in these meters (Angular and Linear) the displayed values only show integers. It would seem sensible to add a ‘Decimal Place Digits’ like in LC Numeric Display to the Properties Tab to control how many decimal places to show on the Angular Meter and Linear Meter display. The default should be zero (0), but user could increase this to have the number of decimal places displayed easily controlled.


I have some ranges that are very narrow and want to display 36.90 to 37.10 with a fine tick resolution of 0.01. This simple modification I am sure would be useful to many situations.


The angular meter has a bug where the needle can point to outside the min and max range. Set an angular meter to min=0, max=100, start angle = 0, end angle = 180. Provide an input of -30, and the needle points down where -30 would be had it existed in the display. I am expecting the display to truncate the needle position to min value if the input is below min. Would this not be the expected behaviour?


My learning has so far been restricted to ControlRoom and reading manual.pdf.


In manual.pdf I have noted some typos and have some suggested edits. Is anyone interested in hearing about corrections or suggestions to this document?


I found the combination of the YouTube tutorial videos and the manual were a good combination for learning about the package. It would be great to see some more intermediate and advanced videos on all the ControlRoom controls. It took a while to understand the ‘message’ concept of OpenAPC and the manual explains this very well.


Using the analogue clock display element – you need to know to hook it up to the Clock flow control element that outputs Unix time.




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