Hi Peter,
I don't understand the MACH3 / gcode thingy...but for the parallel stepper driver: can't you simply select it in motion panel of BeamConstructs project settings?
But I'm not sure if you will be happy with that driver, due to the limitations of Windows it is be quite slow and motions are not really smooth...
Gesendet: Montag, 14. Oktober 2013 um 13:08 Uhr
Von: "peter klos" <peterklos@bigpond.com>
An: openapc@lists.fedorahosted.org
Betreff: Beam construct for Gantry style laser

Hi ,all

I have built an 80watt CO2 plotter style laser with x/y axis servo motors driven via step and direction via the LPT port , currently it runs via MACH3 with gcode software but  I would like to convert to use Beam construct to run the laser.


However , my knowledge in programming beam construct is very limited and basic, I still have not worked out how to load the parport plug in  !!!


To save my little brain going into over load , does any one have a fully working program for a gantry style beam construct running via the parport for steppers


I would appreciate if any one has worked it out to send me the completed program or any assistance to get the program working on my laser .


Regards peter