Hi all,

Over the last few days, most of the Jane Street packages we have in Fedora have released version 0.15.0.  There are a few holdouts, namely ocaml-ppx-inline-test, ocaml-ppx-fields-conv, ocaml-ppx-variants-conv, and ocaml-bin-prot.  I have done test builds in mock and am ready to go with the updates, but I would like to wait a few more days to see if the remaining packages release new versions.

I am also going to update ocaml-bisect-ppx to version 2.7.0, since it would have needed rebuilding anyway due to its dependency on ocaml-sexplib0.

A few other packages will need rebuilds due to changed hashes in the ocaml-sexplib0 package: ocaml-lwt, ocaml-sedlex, ocaml-ppx-deriving, ocaml-ppx-deriving-yojson, why3, and frama-c.

Let me know if any of this will interfere with something you are doing.  I plan to build for Rawhide only.