On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 1:47 AM, Piotr Popieluch <piotr1212@gmail.com> wrote:
On 11/26/2015 01:11 PM, Zuzana Svetlikova wrote:
> Are there any actual plans for Node.js stack in fedora?
> Are we going to update everything and hope that nothing
> breaks (much)? Is there any way of knowing beforehand if
> update will break some other packages (because I don't
> know of any, so please enlighten me)?
I try to build packages in COPR first, but this is quite work intensive
and does not have any automated checks.
Rawhide has no gating/checks either, I think most of us did accidentally
push a package to rawhide which happened to introduce new missing
Koschei is good to see if an update to a package breaks a dependency,
but for this to work packages need to have tests enabled and we still
miss some test frameworks (which are not packaged yet). Also Kosechei is
a bit too late imho, I would rather want to know if my update breaks
something *before* I push it to rawhide, not after..

> What about updating v8, nodejs and npm? Are we going for
> LTS and npm@2 or directly to v5.x and npm@3?
T.C. Hollingsworth had plans to update but this got delayed. I haven't
heard from him in a while.
Victor Jancik tried to update nodejs out of the blue without contacting
any one of us. That wasn't received well and most of his ACL requests
got mass denied. I think that unfortunately this reaction demotivated
him to continue on this.

Someone needs to step up to lead these updates. I certainly don't have
the time and packaging experience to do this.

I did mass denied Victor's requests because the usual process has not been followed. That process should be like send an email to the related group like this list about your plans then propose one F24 Change and add the link for further review of it here, once the people here find that proposal good to be implemented then ACL's could have been requested and I would have happily granted ACL's for all of my packages.

If anyone needs any packaging help then I am always here to help for it. I can help but not that experienced in nodejs to lead this effort.