I'm still working on packaging up the dependencies for nodejs-ava and a newer version of nodejs-tap -- but I've run into the problem that we have a lot of packages that depend on  version 4.x of nodejs-chalk, and some of the new dependencies I'm packaging up depend on chalk >= 1.

I'm proposing creating a new nodejs-chalk0 package that continues with the 0.4.0 branch for now, and that we move the existing nodejs-chalk package to version.

I'll have a new nodejs-chalk0 package up for review shortly, and I already have a locally installed copy of nodejs-chalk 1.1.1 so that piece is mostly taken care of.

The one thing I'm unsure about is the lua pre-transaction scriptlet.  Can someone please explain why they're needed, and whether I need them on both nodejs-chalk0 and nodejs-chalk, or just one or the other?

Also, who has permissions to the nodejs-packaging repo to be able to add chalk to the "multiver_modules" list?

Jared Smith