On Nov 16, 2014 3:57 AM, "Tom Hughes" <tom@compton.nu> wrote:
> I'm working on a review (BZ#1086245) for nodejs-jsonstream.
> Now the interesting thing is that the module it is packaging is actually called JSONStream in the npm registry and there is in fact a separate jsonstream module.
> The general naming rules say that "You should generally use lowercase" but I guess this is a case where the node naming rules should take precedence, especially given that there is a conflict and we may need have both at some point?

Unfortunately the guidelines also forbid having two packages with names that differ only by case:

Also, these days npm doesn't allow uppercase letters in package names, so stuff like this can't happen anymore:

The uppercased version is older and more recently updated:



Therefore, I believe JSONStream the capitalized deserves the name. I'm about to send a mail to both upstreams and the npm registry admins to this effect (with you and Anish on CC). Let's wait and see what they say.

If the capitalized version keeps the name, I would strongly recommend still calling the RPM package "nodejs-JSONStream" with the capitals so users don't mistake it for the lowercased version. I think this is a sufficient enough "compelling reason to follow a different upstream convention" as required by the guidelines.