On Thu, Nov 26, 2015 at 7:11 AM, Zuzana Svetlikova <zsvetlik@redhat.com> wrote:
Are there any actual plans for Node.js stack in fedora?
Are we going to update everything and hope that nothing
breaks (much)? Is there any way of knowing beforehand if
update will break some other packages (because I don't
know of any, so please enlighten me)?

While I don't have any definitive plans, I would like to see the entire stack updated in Fedora and EPEL.  I've slowly been working on a lot of updated packages in my COPR repo, but haven't yet take then time to try update v8 or nodejs or npm.  I know that someone had proposed Node v4.x as a feature for F23, but then it got delayed, and I haven't heard of any plans since.
What about updating v8, nodejs and npm? Are we going for
LTS and npm@2 or directly to v5.x and npm@3?

While I'd love to support v5.x, given the current lack of resources, I'd say targeting LTS might make more sense (and certainly makes sense for EPEL, no matter what we decide for Fedora).

Jared Smith