On Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 8:41 AM Robert Van Voorhees <rcvanvo@gmail.com> wrote:
While on the topic of Node.js versions, do we plan on moving Fedora 28 to Node 10, since their release dates coincide, or will Node 10 be pushed until Fedora 29?

For those not aware, Node 10 is the next LTS, however it's LTS support does not start until October even though the release is slated for April:

My plan is for Fedora 28 traditional RPM repositories to ship Node.js 8 because I don't like changing defaults after Beta release. However, as Fedora 28 is now the first release with support for Fedora Modularity, you may have noticed that it is also providing a non-default module for Node.js 6.x and 9.x that one can switch to. So what I intend to do is package up Node.js 10.x as quickly as possible and make that a non-default module in F28 and the default for F29.

So, you'll be able to use it in Fedora 28 by doing `dnf module install nodejs:10` if you want to. Also available as a module will be 6.x and 9.x if you really want or need them, though they won't carry updates past upstream's EOL, which is in April 2019 for 6.x and June 2018 for 9.x).