I will comment this wearing 3 hats:

We have, as it was stated before (sorry for don't make online comments, but I'm on mobile and is quite hard to do it), an idea to push the events publicized. The idea in the ticket commented before, is create a monthly article in the Fedora magazine with the events in the fedocal calendar called 'Events'. To do this, we have the requirement of people to create the event in the fedocal. We will run a first trial in November.


Latam ambassadors have create a guidelines for events that include the step of creating the event in fedocal to help Marketing with the publicity.

I'm really glad that the process is working. We're trying to push the ticket workflow as is easier and faster than meeting workflows for approvals. If there are any concerns about, please don't hesitate to contact us through ML or IRC or where you find it more convenient.

Eduard Lucena