Hey Everyone,

The Fedora Magazine is back up and running, with its domain name. I just wanted to thank everyone for being patient while I got it back up and running. I also want to thank nirik for getting it switched overlast night very quickly :) and Adamw for fixing the openid plugin that was broken. 

We have a good amount of gears now so that the site should scale with heavier loads of traffic. I am also going to work on getting a second site setup that mirrors the main magazine site so we can test plugins and such. I really would like us to be more careful when working with plugins and to test them on the other machine (which i will send out after I get that process completed) first if possible. After some emails back and forth with jzb I believe everything got corrupted from a plugin we installed which then fed itself to the main database, resulting in me having to recreate the site over.

I believe I got active contributors  a username on the system as far as a local account, If I missed anyone please send me or the marketing mailing list and we can get you setup if you plan to write/contribute articles. Adamw found a bug with the openid plugin and sent an upstream patch and I have applied his fix in the meantime to the plugin. 


Chris Roberts