Are the mail-reminders disabled?
Also when creating a new meeting, and not compiling "end time of meeting", it shouldn't reply with an error, but with an invitation to compile all the fields needed. But I think this would be included in a further stage of Fedocal.
Btw, if you like some feedback it's ok if I put it here? Or somewhere else?
Seems nice, good work, I wonder if we can connect it also (with a different layout) with the Fedora upcomming events, which actually are on the wiki.
See ya
Robert Mayr

2012/10/30 Robert Mayr <>

2012/10/30 Pierre-Yves Chibon <>
On Tue, 2012-10-30 at 23:07 +0100, Robert Mayr wrote:
>         > >>> We have deployed a test instance of fedocal at:
>         > >>>
>         > >>>
>         > How does this work with the work people have been doing on
>         Fedora
>         > Insight, since that had been planned to have an integrated
>         calendar?
>         I sent the first email about this in September (here and on
>         logistics)
>         hoping to open this discussion, but I have not heard
>         anything :)

> the link doesn't work for me any more, did I miss something or did you
> removed fedocal from there?

Hi Robert,

The test instance was moved within the cloud, you can find it back at:


Oh, thanks a lot Pierre.
See ya