I'd like to ask you about your opinion of the issue #136 [1].

The first idea me and Jan had was this:
- Compute MD5 hash of files lnst-ctl, lnst-slave and all .py files in LNST modules directory
- Compare it via hello message between Slave and Controller
- If hashes mismatch, end with an error

However, there is a problem with path of the binary and module files.
When we are running LNST from git, lnst-ctl, lnst-slave and modules are all in the same directory.
When we are running LNST from RPM or installation from git, binaries are in /usr/bin/ or /bin/ and modules are in /usr/share/lnst/.

I've came up with following approach to this, described in [2]. This way, mixing of git and RPM is allowed, as long as all the important files are the same.

When the hashes are calculated, they are compared within the hello() method on Controller.

If you have any better solution or comments to this, both are very welcome

[1] https://github.com/jpirko/lnst/issues/136
[2] https://ctrlv.cz/7RgT

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