2015-09-02 13:40 GMT+02:00 Ondrej Lichtner <olichtne@redhat.com>:
On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 12:08:56PM +0200, Jiri Prochazka wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to ask you about your opinion of the issue #136 [1].
> The first idea me and Jan had was this:
> - Compute MD5 hash of files lnst-ctl, lnst-slave and all .py files in LNST
> modules directory
> - Compare it via hello message between Slave and Controller
> - If hashes mismatch, end with an error
> However, there is a problem with path of the binary and module files.
> When we are running LNST from git, lnst-ctl, lnst-slave and modules are all
> in the same directory.
> When we are running LNST from RPM or installation from git, binaries are in
> /usr/bin/ or /bin/ and modules are in /usr/share/lnst/.
> I've came up with following approach to this, described in [2]. This way,
> mixing of git and RPM is allowed, as long as all the important files are
> the same.
> When the hashes are calculated, they are compared within the hello() method
> on Controller.
> If you have any better solution or comments to this, both are very welcome

I think dynamically calculated hashes are a completely wrong idea...
when using rpms you often won't be installing both the Controller and
the Slave on all the machines... so hashes calculated on hello() won't

I say, let's do this the good old fashioned way -> save the major
version number of LNST in a variable in both lnst-ctl and lnst-slave as
global constants manually and just use that. When we update LNST to a
newer version we also update this and that's that, no need to over
complicate this.


​This does not completely help our case. We want to have 
a check that Controller and Slave are compatible even
across major version. One of the solutions would
be minor versioning, when the version would be changed
after every patch that "breaks" the Controller-Slave
interface. The versioning could be also used for
our offically supported test_modules, etc.
> [1] https://github.com/jpirko/lnst/issues/136
> [2] https://ctrlv.cz/7RgT
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