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I just started a petition on that is about an issue that is very important to me. The more people that sign my petition, the more likely it is to win. Will you help me by signing?


Aircel Group: Transfer recharge amount to original number if wrong transaction happens.


This is not just a problem of a single person, everyone faces this issue but they simply ignore it because they think its their fault if they have mistyped a single digit of their number while recharging and telecom companies are taking advantage of our silence.Friends,don't human make errors,we are not machines.

I started this pettion because recently I faced a similar problem, When I was recharging my number and by mistake  misstyped last digit of my number and transaction happened. So, I lost Rs.400 and after this I sent a mail to "Aircel", exlpaining my issue but they simply refused to even transfer recharge amount to my number.This is my money they have no right control my money. I know its my mistake but when the similar case happens while bank transactions,Bank do transfer the whole amount to our original account so why not these telecom companies follow this procedure. Friends I am not even asking them to refund my money but simply transfer this amount to my number.

Like mine there are more then 100 incident happens everyday but everyone simply ignores this because of the pain of explaining everything to call center guy then to their seniors and since they are not going to trasfer this amount, we simply leave it like that.

Friends, They take advantage of our silence and simply ignores our grivences, If this pettion gets success then we can atleast have some amount of satisfaction that our money is not going to get wasted.Everyone knows it costs only I think less then 1 paisa/message but they charge us Rs.1 for regular messages,this is not fare but still we keep maitaining silence.Lets have atleast a control on our money and make them change their rule for wrong transactions.