Hello friends I have a toshiba satellite P755-S5391. I installed Fedora 17 on it and everything went well. I upgraded it to fedora 18 using " yum upgrade". It downloaded the files and everything seems to be ok. Then I got a recommended reboot and I rebooted my computer. The system rebooted and Grub works well (I have win 7 on the same labtop with fedora). THe computer give the line that it loads fedora 18 and then initiallising Ramdisk. After that the screen turned to the normal fedora screen. I.e. a black circle that goes gradually to white and then the f letter is drawen in it. Then the cursor appears as a small circle with a rsmall running lines in it (it is as if it sutup something or searching (or Waiting)for some thing. It keeps on this screen for more that 6 hours. and seems not to end. I rebooted the system by removing the power and the restarting the labtop but I got the same thing. I just pressed the 'esc' key. it give me the details, things seems ok with one fail in the middle I could not catch it. Then continue till another failed: here is the details; [failed] failed to start authorization manager. see ' systemctl pol kit,service for details. Then continue to load gnome display and it was ok and then stops there with the circle cersur! I can onle shut the system donw by cutting the power! any guides, please in details.

Thanks in advance
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