On 07/25/2009 04:13 PM, derek starr wrote:
Using the Fedora 11 Network-Manager, I would like help in activating my

Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG |Golan| Network Connection

card or device driver that came with my DELL Inspiron 1505 laptop computer that I purchased over 3 years ago. 

I want to be able to access my city WiFi network.  I had very little problem connecting with my city WiFi using the Fedora 10 Network-Manager.  I, now with Fedora 11, cannot seem to activate my wireless card listed above.  I have to admit I do not really understand the Network-Manager that well.

Can somebody help me?

Derek Starr

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Do you have the driver and firmware for your wireless adaptor?

My Toshiba Satellite A305 has the same wireless adapter built in.  When I first installed Fedora 9 on it, I had to download the appropriate driver/firmware for it.

One of the key components is the iwl3945-firmware package that is available using yum and the one of the Fedora 11 repositories.  I use yumex and the RPM package can be found in System Environment ==> Kernel (when Category is set to RPM Groups).

Check to see if the package is already installed or whether you need to download and install it via yum or yumex. 

You can also use the Hardware Browser app hwbrowser to see what driver is currently loaded for your wireless adapter.

If all else fails, I got my wireless adapter working by googling for Fedora, the device name (PRO/Wireless 3945ABG or just 3945ABG) and/or iwl3945.  Some combination of these keywords lead me to a webpage that helped my get the card working in Fedora 9.  Since then, the package remained through an upgrade to Fedora 10 and had to be selected again (via yumex) when Fedora 11 was installed as a fresh install.

  Steven F. LeBrun

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