I have been googling for an answer for some days now and I still didn't find a solution to my problem. So I decided to ask for help using Fedora's mailing lists.

Two months ago I installed Fedora 19 on my Asus laptop. During the installation process I didn't choose LVM partitioning so my 100GB disk was divided as follows:

sda1 - boot partition ext4 524MB
sda2 - swap partition 2,2GB
sda3 - file system partition ext4 54GB
sda4 - extended partition ext4 44GB
sda5 - file system partition ext4 44GB

The problem is my home directory is already full and I know I have plenty of free space in sda3. So I want to change disk partition dimensions in order to increase disk space in my home directory.

How can I do that?


Bruno Rodrigo