I work with Windows 7 quite a bit, and I've had to do this at home, unfortunately. Use the Windows installation disc to perform a custom install. It should detect all physical disks present. When you see the display of all disks, click each disk or partition and click Delete. That'll delete the partition/disk. Keep doing so until you have at least 20 GB free. Then, you can choose the free space to install Windows.

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Eduard Lucena wrote on 4/20/2016 4:17 PM:
LOL! Your laptop is cursed! The only way is to destroy it and buy a new one!!! Fool!! Another one bite the dust!!!

2016-04-20 17:03 GMT-03:00 Brandon Culpepper <>:
Hello I'm Brandon,
I'm sure there is posts online about how to do this. I can't find straight forward links or step by steps on how to get rid of Fedora 21 and install Windows OS instead. I don't want to dual boot or anything like that. I'm not familiar with Terminal inputs or anything like that. I've called microsoft, Geek Squad, even Staples lol. Do I have to delete linux first then try installing windows via usb or Disc? How do I go about deleting Fedora 21? Remember I'm not familiar with the functionality of this OS at all. Thank you for any help you can give!
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