Thanks for the advice to go to Core 6. I started with 4 since a friend had the disks and I didn't feel like downloading; in the end I did the download (all day yesterday) but the disk burning and install went off great.

The OS install and boot sequence worked/is working fine.

BUT, no wireless internet. (The H/W _does_ work when I boot up in Windows.) I tried to configure the card but it doesn't appear in the list (it seems to be something like a "TI OHCI Compatible IEEE 1394", and in XP seems to say "Intel/Pro Wireless 3945ABG". Where would I go to get the proper driver (?) (which I hope exists) and exactly what would I do with it once I have it? TIA.

Also, I selected "Software Developer" for the installation flavor, but no sign of Emacs. Ideas?