Thanks for creating this new point release. When you release small changes quickly, users can have access to the latest code more easily and they have a better Koji experience.

On Fri, Nov 8, 2019, 1:10 PM Brendan Reilly <> wrote:

Koji 1.19.1 is out. Thanks to everyone who contributed!
You can read the release notes here:

This was a small bugfix release to fix three significant bugs:

  • Fix permissions to check tag/target/host permissions
  • Fix hub reporting of incorrect ownership data
  • Fix issue with listing users with old versions of Postgres

If you have deployed 1.19 please upgrade to this version ASAP as these were breaking bugs.

You can view the 1.19.1 roadmap at
For the current roadmap, see

You can download this and other releases at
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