On Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 1:38 PM Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com> wrote:
A group of folks are looking at getting modular content in the non
modular buildroot in fedora. The current plan for this has us creating a
list of modules (starting with the default modules and adding a few)
that we want to be in the buildroot, doing a pungi compose to gather
them into a repo (all marked default in that repo) and then adding them
as a external repo the buildroot inherits.

The question has come up how we want to regenerate this repo, and I
wondered if perhaps we could expand kojira to do it? Is that too much
scope creep for kojira? I know the above plan has external repos, but
what if we didn't do external and could 'teah' kojira how to detect when
this modular buildroot repo was out of date and fire off a pungi compose
to update it? basically making kojira more generic and handling rpm
buildroots and regenerating them as a single case.

Kojira doesn't create repos.

Kojira triggers repo regenerations by creating tasks in Koji. Those tasks are run by the Koji builders. We could say that the builders create the repos (or at least the ones in the createrepo channel), but really it's best to just say that "Koji does it" since the process involves many parts of Koji.

Anyway, the point is that would not really be just a kojira change. In fact kojira might not need to change at all -- it doesn't really need to know the details of repo construction.

Pedantry aside, it's reasonable to change how Koji generates repos. We've done it before. The key things to keep in mind are:

1) performance -- adding more complexity to regens slows them down and you know how frequently that happens
2) sanity -- koji repos must be determined by the contents of a tag at an event. Any information that tells Koji to do a different thing with the repo must be part of that data.

Is this something that sounds workable? Or should we look at doing
something completely external to koji here?


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