Dear, All

We plan to hold the 1st Koji community meeting after Koji1.17 release, Also there are some discussions on Koji planning, let's talk more in this meeting.
Here is meeting reminder in case someone didn't get or note the meeting invitation:
Meeting Time:  Mar 20 2019  10:00-10:40AM US/ET 
Proposed Agenda:
  • Review last action items
    • n/a
  • Koji update:
      • Koji 1.17 released on Mar 6 , 2019
      • Highlights:
      • Retrospective 
      • Update problems

      • Koji 1.18 planning
      • Highlight

      • Requests:

  • Community feedback / input
      • koji brainstorming discussion in mailing thread.
Feel free to add more topics you want to talk.