I've been playing with py3 builder and it seems that everything works in Fedora now except for pycdio. On the other hand, pycdio is generally running on py3, but it is still packaged as py2-only. So, it should be only a matter of fixing spec there. Only @Jay Greguske is listed as maintainer in pkgdb and I'm not sure if he will find some time to do that. Is there any volunteer?

čt 7. 11. 2019 v 17:47 odesílatel Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com> napsal:
On Thu, Nov 07, 2019 at 05:22:17PM +0100, Miroslav Suchý wrote:
> Dne 06. 11. 19 v 18:32 Kevin Fenzi napsal(a):
> > I wonder if it would make sense to split the spec and such into 2?
> > a koji.spec (default) thats just python3 all around and a
> > koji-rhel7.spec that is python2 all around. Then for the Fedora/EPEL
> > packages we could at least use the python3 one for all Fedora's and
> > EPEL8 and the python2 one for EPEL7.
> EPEL7 has python3 as well. It just require subtle change of spec file.
> I already moved Mock code to Python3. Even on EPEL 7.

Sure, it does now. I am not sure if the entire stack of needed by koji
packages is available there tho. If it is, that may indeed be a way to

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