Koji 1.29.1 is out. Another minor update. So, the update should be
straightforward (no db schema changes) and safe for everybody. If
you've installed 1.29, an update is recommended as it contains few
minor regression fixes.

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

You can read full release notes here:



#3182 - download-task can download anything now (e.g. image scratch builds)
#3366 - adaptation to new Postgres Decimal handling (if you've F36 deployment you need this).
#3427 - fixed kiwi architecture handling (regression from 1.29)

You can view the 1.29.1 roadmap at https://pagure.io/koji/roadmap/1.29.1/
For the current roadmap, see https://pagure.io/koji/roadmap

You can download this and other releases at
https://pagure.io/koji/releases or PyPi.

See you again with major release 1.30 in ~two months!


            Tomas Kopecek <tkopecek@redhat.com>
            RHEL Build Development, RedHat