Koji 1.24.1 is out. Another minor update. So, the update should be straightforward (no db schema changes) and safe for everybody. End-users (CLI) are encouraged to update too as there are also minor client-side fixes.

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

You can read the release notes here:



  • #2752 dropped PyOpenSSL requirement (blocked installation in Fedora rawhide)
  • #2786 Fixed regression for request retrying
  • #2743 Updated docker files for current testing environments
  • #2714, #2698, #2716 kojira locking race fix
  • #2628 fix CLI buildinfo for deleted builds
  • new docs
  • 18 issues fixed
You can view the 1.24.1 roadmap at https://pagure.io/koji/roadmap/1.24.1/
For the current roadmap, see https://pagure.io/koji/roadmap

You can download this and other releases at https://pagure.io/koji/releases or PyPi.

See you again with major release 1.25 in ~two months!


            Tomas Kopecek <tkopecek@redhat.com>
            RHEL Build Development, RedHat